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Brand Workbook

Brand Workbook cover page
Brand Strategy

All strong brands have one thing in common: sturdy foundations. In 10 parts and 25 pages, this workbook will walk you through a series of prompts to help you clearly define your brand, so future decisions can be strategic and purposeful.

This workbook is for any brand owner – or future brand owner – who needs some clarity and support. You’ll gain perspective around your brand’s audience, purpose, vision, values, personality, competitors, positioning, and promise. You’ll also get an overview of when and how brand identity design comes into the picture.

In the end, you’ll understand the elements that will turn your brand into a recognisable, loveable personality that feels innate to your business or organisation. This workbook is provided as a downloadable PDF that you can easily fill out on your computer or print out.

Please note this offer is only for AU & NZ-based customers.

Brand Workbook introduction pageBrand Workbook page reading "Part 3, Purpose"Brand Workbook page reading "Pause, You're halfway!"Brand Workbook reading "Part 6, Positioning"

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